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3 Perfect Ham Tailgating Appetizers

  It takes a lot of energy to be a bona fide football fan. Donning your team’s full fan regalia, painting your face or shirtless torso in team colors, getting pre-game stoked or post-game decompressed all takes work. Even bending your elbow to drink beverages and snack on delicious tidbits before, during and after the game requires constant refueling. Fortunately, Read More…

The Great Artisanal Ham Tasting

  Earlier this year, Sam Edwards and the team at S. Wallace Edwards and Sons sought out to create an event that would help establish a new vocabulary for the world of artisanal hams.  Sam began sending out invitations to chefs and food journalists who would help craft a lexicon to describe hams from across Read More…

We All Need a Little Bacon in Our Lives

We All Need a Little Bacon in Our Lives When most people hear the word bacon, they automatically think of it the same way they do marshmallows or hard candy, something that tastes good, but isn’t good for their body. What most people don’t know is that bacon is healthier than most people give it Read More…

Grilling Tips

There is almost nothing in the realm of cooking that inspires as much heated debate as grilling techniques. Whether it is gas vs. charcoal, dry rub vs. marinate, grillmasters line up on either side to declare their way is the best. Some of the arguments come down to personal preference. Yet, there are some hard Read More…

Edwards Featured on Man Fire Food

When young, exuberant Chef Roger Mooking, host of the Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food, builds a campfire or revs up a BBQ grill, you can rest assured he’s probably not to going to roast weenies poked sideways on a pointy stick, or flame a skewerful of stale marshmallows. Mooking may, however, whip up a whole duck marinated in soy sauce, cilantro, ginger, jalapeno, garlic and brown sugar, or slow-roast an entire Read More…