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Grilling Tips

There is almost nothing in the realm of cooking that inspires as much heated debate as grilling techniques. Whether it is gas vs. charcoal, dry rub vs. marinate, grillmasters line up on either side to declare their way is the best. Some of the arguments come down to personal preference. Yet, there are some hard Read More…

Edwards Featured on Man Fire Food

When young, exuberant Chef Roger Mooking, host of the Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food, builds a campfire or revs up a BBQ grill, you can rest assured he’s probably not to going to roast weenies poked sideways on a pointy stick, or flame a skewerful of stale marshmallows. Mooking may, however, whip up a whole duck marinated in soy sauce, cilantro, ginger, jalapeno, garlic and brown sugar, or slow-roast an entire Read More…

Pairing Great Wines with Edwards

These days, general rules about wine pairings are fairly well known. The standard guidelines say to pair red meat with red wines, and poultry or seafood with white wines. (Although, truth be told, all rules were made to be broken!) But what about ham? Why do people rarely discuss what types of wines pair well Read More…

Virginia Hams and American Independence

Ham doesn’t just happen. When you sit down to a 4th of July spread this year, consider the rich and illustrious history of that slice of Virginia country ham you’ve speared and placed on your plate. Without the ability to preserve pork, early Colonials living in their new, fledgling homeland may have found survival even Read More…

Pairing Good Beers with Good Ham

  Who said pairing a good drink with a meal is only for wine lovers? You don’t have to consider yourself a beer connoisseur with this versatile palate pleaser. And we all know that a memorable meal has flavors that compliment and linger. Epicurious and other major foodie publications have noticed the revival of beer Read More…