Authentic Southern Smoked Meats and Specialty Foods.


RECIPE: Sausage & Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole

This hearty recipe is a great way to get the family filled up before a long camping trip or even a hike! Filled with meat, veggies and eggs, this casserole will fuel you for anything that comes your... more

Emma Edwards: A Story for Mother’s Day

Every family has a story about Mom. On Mother's Day we take time remember and honor those stories about how she always would go the extra mile for the family. We'd like to share one of those stories... more

Edwards Surryano to Be Featured in the UK!

The US Embassy in London is hosting a "Taste of the South" culinary event in United Kingdom's capital city. Ambassador Matthew Barzun is inviting celebrity chefs, renowned international journalists... more

8 Edwards’ Favorite Brunch Ideas

8 Edwards’ Favorite Brunch Ideas Family coming together to enjoy all their favorite comforting breakfast and lunch dishes is always a treat. And Easter brunch is especially delicious –... more

NPR: The Revival Of Lamb Ham

NPR did an article about the history of our Dry Cured Lamb, otherwise known as "lamb ham": From NPR: Roast rack of lamb or a platter of smoked, glazed ham — which dish should be the... more

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

  Saint Patrick’s Day is a chance to indulge in your favorite iconic Irish dishes. Here are a few of our favorite Irish inspired pork dishes for you to try out when celebrating Saint... more

RECIPE: Slow Roasted Spare Ribs

This dynamic mother-daughter duo has come up with a delicious spare ribs recipe that is worth the effort and wait. From Feast on the Cheap, you'll want to prep these Spare Ribs to get you in the mood... more

RECIPE: Pig Foot Souse

Felix from Simple Trini Cooking is originally from Trinidad and Souse is the way that "Trinis" pickle meat or trimmings, including pigs feet. This is a simple way of marinating it in water seasoned... more

RECIPE: Easy Smoked Picnic Pork Shoulder with Dr. Pepper

It doesn't get much more southern than a smoked picnic pork shoulder to help celebrate your favorite holiday or occasion. This flavorful recipe will have every mouth watering at the BBQ. From Twirl... more

RECIPE: Ham & Veggie Noodle Casserole

Whether you have some leftover Easter Ham, or are just looking for a creative way to cook up Ham and some leftover pantry items - this is the dish for you. This is simple and tasty Ham and Veggie... more