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Bloomberg Pursuits: Peanut Fed Surryano “Rivals the Best”

From Bloomberg Pursuits‘ Holiday 2015 Issue:

“The paper-thin slices of an Edwards peanut-fed Surryano ham may not be the knife-and-fork food of your youth, but the taste rivals the best of the legendary Spanish jamon Iberico de Bellota — an entire leg of buttery, savory meaty goodness. Virginia proprietor Sam Edwards has helped revive the venerated art of raising hogs on peanuts. The hind legs (with hoof intact) are salt-cured for about a month, rinsed, rested, hickory-smoked, and then hung to age for at least 18 months.”

Check out their full article below:

edwards-bloomberg copy


Sammy Edwards is Digital Marketing Manager for Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. He writes, films and prefers Peppered Bacon on the weekends.