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What is a Dan Doodle?


In our case at Edwards, a Dan Doodle is the large intestine of a pig stuffed with our country sausage. It’s then smoked for 18 hours until it reaches a dark mahogany color. Then we chill, pack, and ship them to fans across the country. The first recipes were developed in the days when farmers used to try to figure out a way to use up all parts of the pig—in this case we use a casing called “the middle cap” (aka, bung). Our Dan Doodles are a more “upscale” version of fresh ground pork and trimmings from the farm raised hams, bellies and ground together with a country sage sausage seasoning. It’s then stuffed into the middle cap, which is a part of the casing that imparts a little more gamey flavor into the sausage than a regular casing.




They’re especially great for seasoning collards. You cook them at the same time—meat and vegetable all in one pot. That’s the way it’s done in Virginia. You end up cooking a little of the flavor out of the Dan Doodle itself and flavoring the greens, but there’s a little trick. You need to cook your greens, then take out the Dan Doodle, let it rest, slice it into 3/8 inch slices, and then throw it in the frying pan or on the grill to bring back some of the flavors. We here at Edwards like to slice it, fry it and serve it up with the collards, homemade applesauce and fresh biscuits.

Recently, the Dan Doodle has reached a stream of popularity. With renowned Southern Living food writer John. T. Edge calling them “edible artifacts of another era” and Andrew Zimmern filming an episode of Bizarre Foods of the illustrious sausage, people can’t seem to get enough of the Dan Doodle!

Check out this video where Andrew Zimmern gives a taste testing of the Dan Doodle on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael.

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Sammy Edwards is Digital Marketing Manager for Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. He writes, films and prefers Peppered Bacon on the weekends.