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Southern Living Tells the “Dan Doodle” Story


-Slices of Dan Doodle, frying on the pan.

Several months ago, friend and renowned food writer John T. Edge stopped by our smokehouses to learn more about the eccentric “Dan Doodle.” Here’s an excerpt from John’s story for Southern Living Magazine:


“In the fall, when greens are in, Dan Doodles sell,” says Sam Edwards, third-generation proprietor of S. Wallace Edwards & Sons, which has been commercially curing hams and other pig parts in Surry County, Virginia, since 1926. “Most people serve them like my mother did. They boil one with collards, then slice and serve it alongside.”

Also known as Tom Thumbs, Dan Doodles are ground pork sausages that are stuffed in the large intestines of pigs and smoked for a day in a billow of hickory until they shade toward mahogany. (Conjure a link with the girth of a bologna stick, fragrant with sage, spiked with red pepper, perfumed by a pleasant barnyard funk.) In addition to using them like ham hocks to season a pot of vegetables, cooks here also slice and fry Dan Doodles for breakfast.” To read the full article, click here.

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Sammy Edwards is Digital Marketing Manager for Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. He writes, films and prefers Peppered Bacon on the weekends.