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Video Guides for Preparing Your Holiday Ham

Several years ago, we had the honor of working with Chef John Gonzales from A Chef’s Kitchen in ¬†downtown Williamsburg, VA to create how-to videos on preparing a Virginia Ham. Whether it’s cooking, glazing or carving your holiday hams, these videos will help you get ready for your Christmas Dinner.

There are two ways to cook your holiday ham; the “Simmer-in-Water Method” and the “Oven Method”. We here at Edwards prefer the Simmer-in-Water Method because it gives the ham a better flavor. However, the Oven Method is easier to perform. Either way, you’ll end up with a delicious ham!


Glazing isn’t essential to enjoy your ham, but a country ham glazed in delicious brown sugar is absolutely mouth-watering!

The way you carve a ham is very important. Since Virginia country hams have a very strong flavor, it is essential to slice your hams as thin as you possibly can. A little goes a long way!


Sammy Edwards is Digital Marketing Manager for Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. He writes, films and prefers Peppered Bacon on the weekends.